Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Split Point Lighthouse, Melbourne

Split Point Lighthouse

Picture above is taken at Split Point Lighthouse at Otway National Park in Melbourne, Australia. You can see it when you drive along Great Ocean Road. We stop by to have a tour around it as we are heading to see Twelve Apostles at the end of the Great Ocean Road and to reach Adelaide as our next destination from Melbourne.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sofia Pizza House, Melbourne

This place is a highly recommended place to go if you are visiting Melbourne, Australia. Everything they serve here was huge and delicious.

Sofia’s Pizza House
857 Burke Rd.
Camberwell VIC 3124

Below the picture tell you all the story about this restaurant.

This is how the restaurant looked like in Camberwell

The Menu

Chocolate with ice cream top

Huge Pizza


Spaghetti Sofia (must try very nice)


Don't forget to try when you are there... ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC)

I guess most of the people in Singapore or the people who know Singapore well will know what is The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC). I like the way they present their food, is a good art way and also with nice fine coffee. The dessert and coffee they made is really delicious and taste good. Is really recommended for you to try it when you are in Singapore.

Below are some of the shoot on the food.

Azuki Coffee

Dark Devotion

Really thanks Lu Yee's for spending me and Ian. Hope you will enjoy it as well ;)...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Night View on Penang

Picture above is taken at Bukit Bendera as I hope to see a sunset. But is not my lucky day I guess and is a bit hazy around Penang as well. This is the best I can take. ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunrise at Gelugor Fishing Village, Penang

On Sunday 3th of January 2010, is our last day of visiting Penang as we were there for 3 days 2 night. We wake up at 5.00am and get ready at 6.00am to catch the sunrise at Gelugor Fishing Village, as we 1st stop at Chew Jetty but I notice that place is not so good for shooting sunrise then we change to Gelugor. Although we unable to see the sun as the cloud is blocking all the way but still able to see some of the nice scenery there in the morning.

I also would like to thanks Lu Yee for bringing us to the location and also thanks to her for the whole journey trip in Penang with her good hospitality. Really 1st class treat from her. Also to Ian friends Kuan Loon for fetching us around Penang as well. Really nice to know them. ;)

Below are some of the photos of sunrise in Gelugor Fishing Village.

Will post more on the Penang trip soon. ;)