Monday, November 30, 2009

Cameron Highlands Photo Outing

On Sunday 8th of November 2009, we follow Vincent Lim who is a WPJA Photographer to Cameron Highlands for his portfolio shooting as we just follow just for fun and hope to learn something from him. It was a great outing as there is about 9 of us going there.

Below are the picture taken on that day but most of the pose is direct by Vincent as we just snap for fun and also the make-up is professional done by Wayne Hooi.

Hopefully will have more on this kind of outing in the future as a learning guide. ;)

Christmas 2009

I always like Christmas a lot but somehow don't know why every Christmas is going to happen something bad to me. Maybe Christmas is not a lucky season for me. This year I don't know what's going to happen next but hopefully nothing bad happen again.

Today go to Pavilion to shop some gift for my friend who newly wedding and just try to snap shot around the beautiful deco in Pavilion.

Here I wish a very early Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you had a wonderful time around in this season....cheerss...;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

William & Fiona Wedding (Part 1)

Really thanks to both of my good friends, William & Fiona for giving me a chance to photograph another chapter of their life. As this picture is taken on last 2 week dinner at KEC Club House in Klang.

Thanks to Panda for helping me to flip the gown

Congratulations to both of them

Will continue more on their wedding photograph on this Saturday, 21 November 2009 will be their actual date for their wedding. Hopefully will snap more to share with you all ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gunung Berinchang & Mossy Forest

Gunung Berinchang & Mossy Forest or call it as Gunung Irau is located in Cameron Highlands near the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Farm. It really recommend for you go to early in the morning around that area as you can watch sunrise plus with beautiful tea farm. Is really refreshing with all the greens around you.

Below are some of my favourite photos taken at that area.

One of my favourite photos during the sunrise

The colour of the sky is really unedited


Tea Farm Residence

Blue Sky

Tea Farm

Spider Web

Early morning water drop

On top of Gunung Berinchang

Inside Irau

Didn't take much photos on the mossy forest site as too busy trekking in and was dirty all over with mud. Is really beautiful inside there with some say it got The Lord of the Ring feel as I quite agree with it. After few mountain me and my friend trek this is still 1 of my favourite place.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wine Tour Around Barossa Valley, Adelaide

Barossa Valley is located at South Australia where is the wine-producing region, really thanks to Hai Wei for bringing us to such an interesting wine tour around Barossa. We had a wonderful time on tasting and buying some wine there. Although a bit disappointed unable to see the real grape growing as still not the season yet but still ok as able to taste some fine wine.

Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre

Jacob's Creek Wines

Variety choices for you to taste

Champagne Wines

A hole for you to pour the water and wine for the reason wash the glass so that won't affect your taste

Seppeltsfield Centre

How the wine is made

Pouring some wine for us to

Experience Wine taster

The Vineyard

Nice weather

Is my 1st time there and also my 1st time visiting vineyard, really a great experience and recommend to go there.