Monday, March 30, 2009

DCIM Velocity Angels

On Saturday 28 March 2009, I try to go Mid Valley to visit the exhibition call DCIM where most about the Digital Camera Fair and also model search. A bit disappointed on the event as very less thing they show and sell but the models shooting experience there was fun.

Below are few of my favourite photos taken during the DCIM events for the Velocity models search.










Hope you enjoy the photos & pls give some comments if you have any suggestion to improve my skills. ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Som Tam

This is another popular Thai cuisine we had try in Bangkok, is call Som Tam. Is make with papaya, beans, chili and lime. It is consider a famous Thai salad. Most of them taste sour and spicy as it will make you very appetizing to eat it.

It is recommended by Yishu as he keep on told us is very nice and a lot of people queuing up waiting for it.

The restaurant of Som Tam located in Siam Square area

How they make Som Tam

Papaya and mango Som Tam with crispy pork skin on it. The best part is the pork skin and is really nice and crunchy

Fried Chicken Thai style

Noodle and fish in Som Tam way. Taste really good!

It is very highly recommended you to try to eat at this shop. Is very popular and even the Thai people is queuing to eat this food.

It is located in Siam Square Soi 5 area. The restaurant just located opposite Siam Paragon.

Canon unveils EOS 500D!

Today I was told by my friend that Canon had unveils its EOS 500D a successor of EOS 450D. It includes the new function where can capture HD video, 15.1 megapixels CMOS sensor and with Digic 4 processor.

Below are the features list:

  • 15.1 MP CMOS sensor
  • Full HD (1080p) movies
  • High ISO up to 12800 for low-light conditions
  • 3.4fps with up to 170 JPEG burst
  • 3.0” Clear View LCD with Live View mode
  • 9-point AF system
  • DIGIC 4
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • EF/EF-S and EX Speedlite compatibility

For more info you can go to

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating Bugs in Bangkok!

After the Ayutthaya trip, we when back to Khao San and guess what?... This time we wanted to taste some bugs! The bugs are available in Khao San, you can find it there if you wanted to eat some.

Type of bugs they are selling

We buying the bugs & some visitors admiring it

Bamboo Worm

Sim eating grasshopper.

Me eating grasshopper with the scary face expression

It has grasshopper, scorpion, bamboo worm and many more insect. Some of them look like cockroach!

Actually it taste nothing but quite good, just salty taste only like full of MSG inside the bugs and already fried till very dry.

So next time if you go to Thailand, just have a try! ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We book our tour to Ayutthaya at Khao San road and it was cheap only 690 Baht per person, where it include lunch and transport. It was Sim suggestion to us to go to this historical place where has been included in UNESCO’s list of world heritage since 13 December, 1991.

Ayutthaya - full name Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya - is an ancient capital and modern city in the Central Plains of Thailand, 85 km to the north of Bangkok.

A lot of ruins in Ayutthaya already almost destroy by war or stolen by the local for their Buddha head to sell. Ayutthaya is a place in ancient where it happen a lot of war if compare to Sukhothai where is the land of happiness and peace.

Our tour guide for Ayutthaya, he a bit give me an impression like the movie Karate Kid Sifu..haha

Wat Phu Khao Thong with beautiful sky

Some details of the temple

Buddha image in Wat Phu Khao Thong

Our 1st temple to visit is Wat Phu Khao Thong as you can see the picture above. It was amazing for my 1st impression and the weather is a bit cooler and dry if compare to Bangkok. Forget to mention that Ayutthaya is located on the northern part of Thailand, that's why the weather would be a bit different.

Yishu try to pretend the Buddha

Big statue of sleeping Buddha

I kind of forget the Wat for the picture above. Is a big sleeping Buddha available there.

Full view of Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Some of the Chedis

Yishu in pose

Above is one of my favourite ruins among all the temple around Ayutthaya. It is call Wat Phra Si Sanphet, is consider as a residential palace for king. Is a big and beautiful place. Some of the Chedis there is to keep the King ashes.

Still preserve it well

Picture above show is Wihara Pra Mongkhonbophit, where it was just the same place in Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

The famous tree that has grown around a Buddha head

Temple on hand

Buddha statue

Wat Mahathat, is a famous trademark place in Ayutthaya for its Buddha head inside the growing tree as you can see the picture above.

Mini cable car

Yishu & Sim sitting on it

Confuse not sure is a church or temple?

Buddha in a Church look a like temple

After the tour around Ayutthaya, we also stop by to see a church look alike but is a Buddha temple in it, that is so strange. Another interesting is how you cross the river. As you can see the picture above is like a mini size of cable car that control by the monk there for the crossing. Something different from others.

I'm very satisfied for the tour around Ayutthaya and something we can see different outside Bangkok. Is a highly recommended place to go if you are in Thailand and is not far away from Bangkok for around 1 hour drive to there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chinatown, Bangkok

Before we heading back to our hostel in Sukhumvit, we stop by at Chinatown to see around. The 1st impression on Bangkok Chinatown is, it was fill with Chinese signboard everywhere and a lot of hawkers stall selling different kind of food. Example like bird nest, shark fin, seafood and many more.

Chinatown at night

Opposite is the seafood stall

Chinatown is also very famous for its Chinese cooking style seafood. There is 2 stalls selling seafood and you can differentiate it by their uniform colour, in red or in green. For me personally I think both stalls is the same so we try to eat at the green stall.

We eating at the green side stall for seafood as just beside the red stall

The fresh seafood they are selling

Fresh oyster, is really fresh and taste good

Fried prawn

Fresh clams, is big and tasty!

After our seafood meal we also stop by at the nearby stall to eat some clams and dessert. One strange thing about their oyster and clam is there is no raw smell and taste in it. It was so fresh if compare we eat at our own country and much bigger and cheaper.

Nice Thai people who willing to let me took their picture

After finish our tour and eating around Chinatown, it was late around 10.30pm. So we took a taxi back to Sukhumvit to our hostel and take some rest as tomorrow early morning we have to go for a tour in Ayutthaya.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San road, is consider an old Bangkok. A lot of budget tourist going there to search for cheap accomodation and is a very happening place. It is also a place for tourist to book their travel deals in Thailand.

On my 2nd day in Bangkok, I going to Khao San road not only for booking my tour to Ayutthaya but also to change my money to baht as that area offer much higher rate. I still remember the money changer name is call Rainbow.

Khao San road at day time

Starbucks limited edition cup

Yishu and Sim getting some rest

Nice interior

After finishing booking our tour to Ayutthaya for tommorow. We stop by at a classic old building and it was a Starbucks cafe, so we rest ourself there and also to avoid the heavy traffic jam during that hour if we want to go back to Suk11 hostel at Sukhumvit.

Khao San at night time

Some hawkers stall selling Pat Thai

Selling barbeque food

At night, Khao San road is a happening place for you to eat or to drinks and also to shop. As there are variety kind of Thai food available there and even bugs.

So at around 8.30pm we took taxi to Chinatown before heading back to our hostel to have some rest.