Thursday, March 26, 2009

Som Tam

This is another popular Thai cuisine we had try in Bangkok, is call Som Tam. Is make with papaya, beans, chili and lime. It is consider a famous Thai salad. Most of them taste sour and spicy as it will make you very appetizing to eat it.

It is recommended by Yishu as he keep on told us is very nice and a lot of people queuing up waiting for it.

The restaurant of Som Tam located in Siam Square area

How they make Som Tam

Papaya and mango Som Tam with crispy pork skin on it. The best part is the pork skin and is really nice and crunchy

Fried Chicken Thai style

Noodle and fish in Som Tam way. Taste really good!

It is very highly recommended you to try to eat at this shop. Is very popular and even the Thai people is queuing to eat this food.

It is located in Siam Square Soi 5 area. The restaurant just located opposite Siam Paragon.

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