Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chinatown, Bangkok

Before we heading back to our hostel in Sukhumvit, we stop by at Chinatown to see around. The 1st impression on Bangkok Chinatown is, it was fill with Chinese signboard everywhere and a lot of hawkers stall selling different kind of food. Example like bird nest, shark fin, seafood and many more.

Chinatown at night

Opposite is the seafood stall

Chinatown is also very famous for its Chinese cooking style seafood. There is 2 stalls selling seafood and you can differentiate it by their uniform colour, in red or in green. For me personally I think both stalls is the same so we try to eat at the green stall.

We eating at the green side stall for seafood as just beside the red stall

The fresh seafood they are selling

Fresh oyster, is really fresh and taste good

Fried prawn

Fresh clams, is big and tasty!

After our seafood meal we also stop by at the nearby stall to eat some clams and dessert. One strange thing about their oyster and clam is there is no raw smell and taste in it. It was so fresh if compare we eat at our own country and much bigger and cheaper.

Nice Thai people who willing to let me took their picture

After finish our tour and eating around Chinatown, it was late around 10.30pm. So we took a taxi back to Sukhumvit to our hostel and take some rest as tomorrow early morning we have to go for a tour in Ayutthaya.


SIM said...

look like u cannot forget Bang kok food

David on Travel said...

Yah!!!...I want to go back again...miss Bangkok.

Celeste~~ said...

Hahaha, u all were having the same store exactly i took last year in bkk.. i noticed we all went there at the same time....

David on Travel said...