Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San road, is consider an old Bangkok. A lot of budget tourist going there to search for cheap accomodation and is a very happening place. It is also a place for tourist to book their travel deals in Thailand.

On my 2nd day in Bangkok, I going to Khao San road not only for booking my tour to Ayutthaya but also to change my money to baht as that area offer much higher rate. I still remember the money changer name is call Rainbow.

Khao San road at day time

Starbucks limited edition cup

Yishu and Sim getting some rest

Nice interior

After finishing booking our tour to Ayutthaya for tommorow. We stop by at a classic old building and it was a Starbucks cafe, so we rest ourself there and also to avoid the heavy traffic jam during that hour if we want to go back to Suk11 hostel at Sukhumvit.

Khao San at night time

Some hawkers stall selling Pat Thai

Selling barbeque food

At night, Khao San road is a happening place for you to eat or to drinks and also to shop. As there are variety kind of Thai food available there and even bugs.

So at around 8.30pm we took taxi to Chinatown before heading back to our hostel to have some rest.


Kynki Lee said...

time to enjoy your life!! Good..

David-San said...

haha...yah! same to u too ;)