Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Suk11 Hostel

This is the second hostel we stay in Bangkok call Suk11 and it is in Sukhumvit road area. Is really a backpacker hostel and really well decorate with the interior in Thailand homestay feel even in a budget hostel. It is well equip will all the facility needed by travelers who wanted to stay in a comfortable and convinience place, it is also nearby the MRT station at Nana Station.

Sim waiting for the room to be done and as you can see behind the wall is decorate or written by those traveller on the wall.

Check in counter.

The rules & regulations in this hostel.

Some memorable notes written by traveller.

Small christmas tree decorate by traveller.

Is really a good place to stay for budget or backpackers. For more info you can go to http://www.suk11.com/ for booking and also you can have a better picture on how this hostel look like.

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