Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating Bugs in Bangkok!

After the Ayutthaya trip, we when back to Khao San and guess what?... This time we wanted to taste some bugs! The bugs are available in Khao San, you can find it there if you wanted to eat some.

Type of bugs they are selling

We buying the bugs & some visitors admiring it

Bamboo Worm

Sim eating grasshopper.

Me eating grasshopper with the scary face expression

It has grasshopper, scorpion, bamboo worm and many more insect. Some of them look like cockroach!

Actually it taste nothing but quite good, just salty taste only like full of MSG inside the bugs and already fried till very dry.

So next time if you go to Thailand, just have a try! ;)


Kynki Lee said...

alamak... scary leii.. i not dare to touch even though it was die.. takutlaaa.. hehe!!

David on Travel said...

Haha..once u try it u won't scare..