Monday, November 16, 2009

Gunung Berinchang & Mossy Forest

Gunung Berinchang & Mossy Forest or call it as Gunung Irau is located in Cameron Highlands near the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Farm. It really recommend for you go to early in the morning around that area as you can watch sunrise plus with beautiful tea farm. Is really refreshing with all the greens around you.

Below are some of my favourite photos taken at that area.

One of my favourite photos during the sunrise

The colour of the sky is really unedited


Tea Farm Residence

Blue Sky

Tea Farm

Spider Web

Early morning water drop

On top of Gunung Berinchang

Inside Irau

Didn't take much photos on the mossy forest site as too busy trekking in and was dirty all over with mud. Is really beautiful inside there with some say it got The Lord of the Ring feel as I quite agree with it. After few mountain me and my friend trek this is still 1 of my favourite place.


小鎮 said...

wah!!!... i like the Blue Sky, Tea Farm very much!! seen like not the local place oooo...

David on Travel said...

Thanks ;)

Nelson Chin said...

hi david. you've got some nice shots at cameron highland.
just wonder where was the exact location you took those sunrise pics? was it around Sg Palas Tea Plantation?
I will be going to Cameron next month and looking for the best spot for sunrise shots now ;)

David on Travel said...

Hi Nelson, sorry for late reply...had been away lately..

Yes, the sunrise is taken at Sg Palas Tea Plantation...must be early there and I was there around 6pm to wait for the sunrise, is really worth to wake up early to catch the sunrise there as is very beautiful ;)