Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photos on Gunung Datuk

Today wake up at 5am to go hiking in Gunung Datuk at Seremban. About 12 of us going there and it take about 1 and the half hours to reach peak and also come down. It was a beautiful forest and is worth going but is a bit tired.

Today the weather wasn't that good and is a bit cloudy when we reach peak. Only able to took some nice photos while on the way trekking up.

Below are some of the photos taken by me:

On the way up

Beautiful tree


3 Butterfly

Sunlight shining down at Chua

Beautiful Sunlight

Just able to took a few as a bit tired while trekking up..haha but learn a few thing about the focus and also the shutter speed thing. ;)


Kynki Lee said...

sui sui laaa..

me said...

Ur blog bcome very pro in photography instead of travel sharing~~ cool !!!

David on Travel said...

Haha..a bit of out travel topic...but still got traveling just that more on photography liao..