Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sungai Lembing Town

Sungai Lembing is located in 42 km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia. It was once famous for its tin mining industry in year 1891. Today the town of Sg Lembing is in decline although it was once the richest town in Pahang, known as El Dorado of the East.

Although it was a quiet town but for me personally is still a lot of activities going on and also a tourist attraction place for its Bukit Panorama, Rainbow Waterfall and the famous food of Sg Lembing that is Lembing Noodle. I will post the photos later and most of the picture below are about their town.

Lembing Famous Tree

Sungai Lembing

On The Way to another Village or Rainbow Waterfall

My wife and this is where we stay when in Sg Lembing

Tin Mining Hole

Inside the tin mining cave

Tin Mining Factory

Is an interesting town and a good place for you to get of city life.


Kynki Lee said...

ohhh.. The Tin Mining Hole photo make me think about the SCARY MOVIE (The Eye Have Hill 2)...papa..not dare to go in... haha!!

David on Travel said...

Hahaha ok...actually that area is an abandoned area coz the factory no longer working..a bit scary but got history...

Kynki Lee said...

oooicic.. haha!!