Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 1st Wedding Shot on Mr & Mrs Oon

On 20th of June 2009 is my 1st ever task to take Wedding Photography. Really thanks to Mr & Mrs Oon for giving me this chances and also Kynki and Cally to supporting me on introduce me to them. Also to Vincent for giving me some valuable advise on technical and wedding photography.

Most of the make-up is done professionally by Cally Tan & Sandeshi Ng.

Below is my 1st ever shots on Wedding:

Feel free to give some comments ;)


Kynki Lee said...

haha!!! really thank to u!! u have done a nice job that day... Kampateh!!!

i'm make up artist said...

really good job !
happy to c those pic .
i wan c all ~~ hahahhaha~

David on Travel said...

Thanks Kynki..haha

Sure..will burn a dvd for u ;)