Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flora & Fauna in Pine Tree Hill

On 4th of July 2009 is a trip for me, YS, Chua and Sim going up to Fraser Hill to climb Pine Tree Hill. It was a trail that takes us 6 hour to trek up and down. The height for this hill is 1448m/4750ft and 5km long.

Is really a nice experience to trek at Pine Tree Hill as the weather is cold and fresh. A lot of different flora & fauna you can see there but is a bit disappointed as I unable to notice any pine tree up there but YS say he did saw one.

Below are some of the picture taken by me during the trekking journey.

The entrance of Pine Tree Trail

Is strange to saw this sign in the forest on our trekking journey

The trail

Well maintain forest with the sign on how far you had trek from the entrance


Mossy plant that look like a carpet

Lights shining down

Sunshine down everywhere

Fresh and green

Little Flower

What this thing call?

Forget what this flower call

Strange plant

Mossy again

Red leaf

Chua finally reach the peak

At the top

Nice green plant

Love this take

Group photos, start from above left Chua, YS, Sim and me at the bottom

For more info about the Pine Tree Trail you can click on this link


the author said...

i am going there on Sat this week. bloghopping to read more info and see more pics...

David on Travel said...

Hope you will a beautiful forest ;)