Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Embrassing mistake before going to Bangkok!

This is one of the stupid mistake I had done before heading to Bangkok, so as a lesson I would like to share with you all and hope don't repeat this same silly mistake like me but maybe some of you already know it earlier.

Our real passport expiry date is actually 4 and the half year if for international issue but still able to use if going to Singapore.

The story is, on the actual date of my departure to Bangkok, I only notice when I try to check-in to my flight and they told me I unable to pass because is near 4 month before the expiry date and at least it must be 6 months only you can pass thru the immigration. So that day I have to went back home and my air ticket was burn because was bought during promotion period and is unable to extend.

So end up I have to buy another ticket but not by MAS this time but with Air Asia. What to do. A silly mistake I had done.


judie_may said...

A piece of advice: better double-check your passport and other documents next time. Good luck on your next trip. :)

David-San said...

Yah I won't repeat again..haha..Thanks for the advice. ;)

晶晶 said...

nvmla... is a good lesson in life~
thanks for remind , i wil oways remember tis n oways remind pp about tis , hii~~

David-San said...

Yup! is a good lesson n a expensive lesson...haha hopefully don't repeat it. ;)

Tami said...

hehehe i also bought this lesson before. but not my passport. pain one... :(