Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trip to Bangkok (Part 1)

I have to delay about 3 days before heading back to Bangkok as I unable renew my passport during weekend. I also have to buy a new air ticket to Bangkok as well, really bad luck :(

At 5.00am in the morning I have to ready as my flight is around 7.50am and thanks to Cally helping me calling her uncle who is a taxi driver to fetch me to LCCT. Even in the early morning the airport was full of people and so busy.

During my flight I was able to meet up with Mr Rashid Ismail who sit next to me. Well, he is a really nice person to chat with and if you are into golf in Malaysia you will sure know who he is as he is a professional full time golfer.

We chat a lot about golf sports in Malaysia and how he start to play golf in the young age. Is really a good experience to chat with him but i forget to take a picture with him, so I just found this picture of him in the net. He is going to Bangkok as well for a golf tournament.

Around 8.55am Bangkok time, I arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. I was lucky also as I able to land in Bangkok because last few weeks there is a big protest on people on Thailand to the government as I think you all know the news.

I was amaze by the airport as it was fully decorate with some Thai God Sculpture and also some nice art picture as you can see the pic above.

Here are some good information for those who travel to Bangkok and wanted to save some money on the taxi. You can go up to the Departure Hall to take taxi as it was cheaper compare to buying the limo ticket on the Arrival Hall. As it was counted by meter and some you can bargain the price. Beware of those people who approach you for taxi on the departure hall as they will charge you very high price. Choose to queue up rather then follow them. The taxi cost around 300 to 500 baht to arrive in Bangkok city.

I arrive at the hostel at Rama 4 Street in Bangkok that booked by my friend who come earlier but too bad I'm too late to join them for the floating market. "Take a Nap" is this hostel name. Is really a highly recommended place as it was not only cheap but also the room is clean and well furnished. The staff there is also very friendly and willing to help you if you need some info about tour in Bangkok.

I put down my luggage bag in the room and started to walk around myself around Rama 4 street and also around Silom road as it was nearby the hostel only. My 1st impression on Bangkok really good and interesting. I also found an interesting McDonald mascot with Thai people sign, you will see a lot in Bangkok. There is a lot of market place around Silom area as every street I walk through sure will have a market there.

I also found King Rama IX statue there. I'm waiting for my friend sms as to see whether I can join them but end up they are going to Siam area for shopping. So I decided to go Grand Palace myself as they already been there before and I will meet them again on night time for dinner.

I take a meter taxi to Grand Palace from Silom and remember always take a meter taxi rather than non-meter as they will charge you higher, is more safer to take meter as you won't get cheated.

For those who wanted to enter Grand Palace always remember this "(For ladies, no short pant or skirt, skirt must long enough to cover nee at least. Guys not allowed to wear short pant/slipper.)" but you also can rent a batik to cover your legs if you are wearing skirts or shorts.

Grand Palace is really a amazing place to look around and is just next to Chao Phraya river. As you can see a lot of gold monument or some precious stone on the palace wall. Very interesting architecture.

After walking so hot in the sun, is time to have some cold and nice drinks. Picture above show that a drinks produce by Thai itself as it has mango, lychee and coconut taste. It was sell in the Grand Palace area. Is really nice and refreshing.

After the Grand Palace you walk next to it is was Chakri Mahaprasad Hall and is a museum inside that stall a lot of old weapon.

"To be continue" next story would be about my experience with the Tuk Tuk driver...

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