Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip to Bangkok (Part 2)

After the Grand Palace tour, I able to stop by just opposite of the area to have some food as I had been eating nothing since I landed in Bangkok.

The area there was full of hawker stalls selling different variety kind of food. I'm not sure was it hygiene to eat there because there was a lot of flies flying around. I end up seeing a clean stall and begin to sit down to order some food. I was not sure what it was call in Thai, but personally I feel like Kuey Tiau sup or Hor Fun in Malaysia but it taste much more better after adding some different kind of chili powder and sauce. Really good! Unexpected really.

After my lunch, actually I plan to go Wat Arun or call as "Temple of the Dawn". I have to cross the river but I get confuse on how to take the river taxi as all written in Thai words and I can see Wat Arun just opposite me but there is another jetty closer to it. So I try to walk to the nearer jetty.

On my way walking to the jetty, I was stop by a Tuk Tuk driver and I'm trying to ask him about some info how to get to Wat Arun. But he told me that Wat Arun is close early today because of praying, so is no use to go there as we cannot enter. I don't know was it true or not.

Then he offer me to have a ride on his Tuk Tuk as I can pay how much I want to him when he drive me around but in exchange to the cheap ride, I must visit some of his sponsor shop so that he can get a free fuel ticket then after that I will get to go where ever I wanted.

So I agree, as I wanted try the ride on Tuk Tuk and bravely me don't get scare to be cheated..hahaha. It was really excited and fun experience to sit in the Tuk Tuk as he try to cut through the traffic and some more is open air transport.

This Tuk Tuk driver is kind of funny as he like to talk jokes and even flirt around female university student when the student crossing the street as normally university student there wearing very tight uniform. One thing unique about this driver is he keep saying "derr...derr...derr" meaning yes. Maybe of his Thai slang.

I try to ask him about where I can get some cheap Thai massage but end up he give me a name card full of nude Thai girls.. -__-lll.... He misunderstand my meaning.

On the ride, almost half day we tour around Bangkok area and passing by some fruits market where he intro me the pineapple is big and sweet there, rural area where I can see some different side of Bangkok.

His sponsor shop normally is Jewelry shop. If I able to hang inside for about 15 minutes he will get a free fuel coupon. So I just help him as I already get my ride around.

Almost 7.00pm in the evening after a ride around, I ask him to stop me at Siam area as I might meet up my friend there. I pay him for about 50 baht for the ride as he say I can pay how much I wanted to. I shake his hand for a helpful and he also thanks me for helping him.

So another info for you guys who wanted to take Tuk Tuk as your transport in Bangkok. You will get a cheap ride if you go to their sponsor place but you might end up getting cheat by the Tuk Tuk driver so be careful. Try to bargain their price to the place you wanted to go and if they don't agree just take a taxi or other alternative way like Skytrain, MRT or river taxi as sometimes it might be cheaper.

I starting to walk around Siam area as I can see the MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World as pointed by Tuk Tuk driver for me. Everything is very centralised in Bangkok, as you know most of the shopping center is in Siam area.

I stop at Siam Paragon to take some picture on the beautiful decorate by Christmas tree as the date for Christmas is near. Is really beautiful around that area as you can see the photos I taken during that day.

Just beside Siam Paragon there was a small live concert where you can enjoy your drinks and listen to some music. Is really nice if we able to have things like this back in Malaysia.

I just receive my friend SMS as she told me to go to Sala Daeng to meet with them. Sala Daeng is consider a Silom station as well as it was nearby that area. So I have to take the Sky Train from Siam to Sala Daeng. She also ask me to ready a Christmas present for exchange.

I arrive in Sala Daeng, but before I meet up with them I have to quickly go around this area to search for my Christmas gift. Actually half of that area is market and red light district area as I don't know. I see a lot of girls sitting outside and a lot of night club then on my mind I know what place is this...haha. I forget this street name but I only remember it was full of Japanese signboard and I think is a Japanese area.

I end up going to Patpong to buy my Christmas gift. While on my way walking to Patpong area I don't know it was a popular sex tourist area and I also don't know it was Patpong there. As I can see is a lot of bikini girls dancing on the pole and Patpong actually is a street market area also selling variety kind of souvenir for tourist and you can bargain a good price from buying at the stalls. The stalls is in the middle of Patpong road and most of the side shop is those bar or club who has girls dancing on the pole.

I able to buy a silverware like a cup with Thailand word on it and also a lot of spoon inside the cup, so I buy it as a Christmas exchange gift and is only 300 baht.

Finally I able to meet up with my friends at one of the Burger King restaurant.

Base on the itinerary we are going to Suan Lam Night Bazaar that night.So we take train from Sala Daeng to Lumpini station. We also have our dinner there. We eat at one of the Thai restaurant at the area. Food is good as well.

After our dinner, we shop around. But it was not the best place to buy things actually as it was slightly a bit expensive there for my personal opinion although you can bargain the price.

The shop almost close, so we take the train back to Salang Daeng. Before back to the hostel we go for some foot massage after a whole day walking. I was unlucky as I get a male to help me massage my leg as not enough female massager. It feels like my nails going to tore off and somemore he punch my leg...Damn!!!...but the massage was cheap and only cost us 200 baht per person but not a good 1st experience for me.

After massage we back to our hostel to get some sleep as we have more activities for tomorrow.

"To be continue"..next will write about another backpackers hostel, Vinmamek Mansion and also Khao San road to book our tour package.

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