Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip to Chiling Waterfall @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

On Saturday 25 April 2009, me and a group of hiking friend plan to go to Chiling Waterfall at Kuala Kubu Bharu for some relaxation after so many mountain trekking trip, although Chiling Waterfall also needed to track and cross some river before can reach the main stream but it only take 1 and the half hour to reach and no uphill or downhill.

Below are some of the picture taken during the trip:

Kubu Bharu Dam on the way to Chiling Waterfall

Kubu Bharu Dam on the way to Chiling Waterfall

Shot against the bright sun

1st river crossing

River crossing during our way to the main stream

Don't know what kind of flower or leave is this but is beautiful

The main stream of Chiling Waterfall

Top view of Chiling Waterfall and below we can see Sim & Goh at the bottom

Group photo of us

Famous Sister Lan's steam tilapia fish at Rawang and it really taste good and fresh

We start our journey at 7am but ended up going back home at 9pm as we almost lost for 2 to 3 times when on our way to Kubu Bharu and also finding the right direction to the main stream of Chiling Waterfall. But overall it was a great and satisfied journey for everyone as we enjoy it. ;)


gigi pig said...

really amazing ...
awesome ~~~

the flower so cantik oo ...

finaly . the fish makes me hungry lorr..

David on Travel said...


Yah! beautiful and nvr saw it before dunno what species it was.

Now the sister Lan's Tilapia steam fish is available in Kota Damansara Branch as well...can try it there and no need to go to Rawang so far. ;)

Kynki Lee said...

i want to go....hehe!!

David on Travel said... can go again next time ;)

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