Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fashion On 1

One Utama is having a fashion weeks from 24 April till 3 May 2009. Is a chance I don't want to miss as maybe I able to learn something there about photography. It was a great surprise for me when I arrive as there are almost more than 50 photographer and when the time I register for the passes to stand on the podium area for shooting I was on number 61 and the number keep growing.This is the 1st time I saw so many photographer gather together in this event. As this show the growing of interest people on photography in Malaysia.

During the shooting, I was a bit disappointed as never really make good use of the LED background and mostly the picture is just portrait images. It makes the out come look all almost the same. I also able to learn something from some of the senior there as they are very friendly to share their idea and thought in photography. Also making some new friend there as well in the same interest as me.

Below are some of the picture taken during yesterday:

Passes for you to stand on the podium for shooting









Please feel free to give some opinion good or bad on this photos so that I can learn something as well ;)


gigi pig said...

good try ~~~~

David on Travel said...


Raymond Tey said...

Cool.. think u did what u need to do for taking the shots.. just maybe need to fight with other photographers for better angle next time cause the background a bit busy :)

David on Travel said...

yah...actually I like the background with the big screen but the center n podium is full of ppl early in the morning..haha can't get a good time have to be a bit early to grab a nice spot...