Monday, May 25, 2009

Pisang Waterfall

On Sunday 24th of May, me and few of the friends going to Pisang Waterfall at old Gombak Road. It just nearby the Jungle Lodge where you can park your car then trek in to the Pisang Fall. It take about 1 hour to reach the main waterfall and you had to pass by 2 huge big tunnel under Karak Highway.

It was a fun journey, not too hard but quite relax. Below are some of the photos taken during yesterday.

Trekking to Pisang Waterfall by passing a small dam

Edit for fun on the sky

Some flower along the way

2 big tunnel we going to pass by and above is Karak Highway

How deep the tunnel

From inside

Maybe a time tunnel?

Unique Flower

4 Monkeys on the Tree

Little Mushroom

The Forest

Sun ray shining down

Almost reach Pisang Waterfall

Little ray light

Small part of the waterfall

Pisang Waterfall

Pisang Gang

Tami jump happily

Chuah finally able to find a friend to jump together as he always jump alone

On the way back...Good Bye Pisang Fall

After the Pisang Fall we stop by at the nearest McDonald as it can consider our lunch and dinner. We arrive back home at around 5-6pm.

Here are some of the link for more info about Pisang Waterfall


Kynki Lee said...

really so shiok oooo!! this whether see this water fall feel like want to jump in... can't wait for jump liao... hahah!!!

David on Travel said...

haha...yah so hot nowadays...rendam rendam a bit to cool down..haha

Kong Foo said...

right timing for the jumping pose...haha

David on Travel said...

haha..yah..thanks to the model who jump for us...haha

cutieceleste嬪嬪 said...

So nice all the pics.. I love the natural capturing scenes... especially the water fall.. and ur cute friends too.. nice jumping ;)

David on Travel said...

Haha..yah! good effort from them ;)

★ whoaamello ★ said...

GORGEOUS photographs.

David on Travel said...


Lu Yee said...

Very nice place, is it in Selangor? beautiful photos of the tunnel ;)

David on Travel said... on the way to genting come lah..i bring u there..nice place to take photos there..;)

俞延 said...

hi~can i know the actual location where is this place? cuz this coming public holiday i'm going there~but don't know the actual place and where to park the car~~thx~~

David on Travel said...

Hey I'm so sorry 俞延 have been away from this blog quite a while...the way to go pisang waterfall u can refer to this site... sorry again ;)