Thursday, May 21, 2009

@ YS House for Steamboat

Last Sunday we had been invited by YS to have steamboat in his house. I just do a bit of fast snap shots around his beautiful decorate house. Really like the open air window concept and the way he decorate his house. Love his friendly dog running here and there.

We also go to Puteri Mart at Puchong to purchase some fresh vegetable and steamboat ingredient. Also YS effort by preparing some delicious steamboat soup by him earlier for us. Really thanks again him for spending us eating such a nice meal.

Below are some of the photos taken that day, just a fast preview what I can in his house.

Limited Edition Cigarette Fridge Box


Coral plant

Living Room

Kitchen and dining table

Washing vegetable


Too friendly dog

Our Hearty Meal

We are really full after the meal, we even try to drink some milk coffee alcohol after a nice meal. We end our dinner at around 10pm and everyone back home for some rest as we need to prepare to work by tomorrow. ;)


cutiecelesteŚ¨™Ś¨™ said...

So delicious...wahahaha.. my turn to have this weekend....

David on Travel said...!..hope you will enjoy as well ;)

pig nose said...

i like his house deco..
small yet warm..
full complete ~

David on Travel said...

Yah...pretty cool!

Kynki Lee said...

wow! this house look not like malaysian house, macam orang putih house laaa.. so niceee!!

David on Travel said...

Yah...he will be happy if he heard this..haha