Monday, May 18, 2009

Sepang Gold Coast @ Bagan Lalang

Me & my colleague with the total of 6 of us going for a day trip from Tanjung Sepat to Bukit Jugra, Banting then to Sepang Gold Coast @ Bagan Lalang. But this post will mainly focus on the Bagan Lalang photos that I took during last saturday.

It was a surprise as how much has change in Bagan Lalang and the beach is cleaner if compare to Morib or Port Dickson, maybe because of the development on Sepang Gold Coast as they clean up that area. It was a beautiful place for you to see sunset or to have recreation trip with your family & friends there.

Below is the picture taken during that day:

Sepang Gold Coast, Palm Tree Chalet

Sand dig by small little crab

Wide sky

Looking at sunset


CG & Wife

Raymond & Wife

Bubble bubble



For more info and direction to Sepang Gold Coast, you can click on this link


Kynki Lee said...

do u see Red color small crab at Bagan lalang beach?? last time i saw many there, so nice, but i think that type of crab is can't be eat laaaa.... haha!!

David on Travel said... wor..all is those brown colour 1...but they craw very fast..hard to catch...haha

little prince's mummy said...

nice shoot!~

Meg Cheah said...

Nice. I miss Bagan Lalang .

David on Travel said... a nice place ;)

- j u s t - a - g i r l - said...

nice pictures!

David on Travel said...


Shelyn said...

Googled Gold Coast and came across your blog. Nice photos!

esther said...

Romantic place, I like the photos of sunset!

rashdan said...

nice photos..been there last week..great place

David on Travel said...

Yup!..very nice place ;)

PaNg5_BaDoL said...

nice scene and panorama.. love all the photos.. wish i can visit there someday..