Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Little kids smile is always adorable. When they smile at me, sure I will smile back with them and are you the same when they do that to you? Don't you think it makes you happy back when you are sad.

When I was in Sydney, I saw this group of school kids having their outdoor trip around Botanic Park near the Opera House. They bring their own food for picnic purpose. Even they are still kids but they still know how to behave them self.

Below are some of the picture I snap while they are waiting their turn group by group to enter the restroom.

They know how to pose when the camera focus on them

Time to go

Just a simple smile will always make people happier or a better day, no matter yourself or others. I hope I can smile more like them...;)


小鎮 said...

the Ang Mo Kia so cute...!!

smiling pig said...

ya ... like this smile title !!!