Monday, October 26, 2009

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Some shot while visiting Sovereign Hill at Ballarat's. It was famous for its gold digging and currently is open as a museum for visitor to experience how people in the past live in Sovereign Hill and also how they discover the gold.

For me maybe something else attract me rather than the gold, is their lifestyle and how they live here.



Interesting shop selling all kind of metal product

Playing some old time board game

Chinese in Ballarat's

Horse Ride

The town

Old time photography studio

Sovereign Hill

This is somewhere interesting to visit if you arrive in Melbourne and you will feel like you are in the cowboy town as well and try your luck to dig some gold here...;)


小鎮 said...

that is real people or??

David on Travel said...

Yah...real ppl as they act like past people ;)

小鎮 said...

wow... icic!!