Saturday, October 24, 2009

MotoGP Malaysia 2009

Today follow one of my colleague to MotoGP Malaysia 2009 at Sepang and also to test my newly bought 40D camera. Is my 1st time playing panning shot and is quite fun, you will feel like you are shooting using a machine gun with a target.

Below are some of the panning picture taken today.

Monster Yamaha Tech 3 & Scot Racing

Monster Yamaha Tech 3

Ducati Malboro

San Carlo Honda Gresini

Ducati Malboro

Hopefully able to attend more this kind of event in the future as is quite fun. ;)


windesky said... quite fun!!nice shoot oo..

David on Travel said...

Thanks jie ;)

小鎮 said...

the motor can look so sharp and the road can see the fast effect.. geng!! how to take this kind of photo?? next time kena ajar sikit looo...hahaha!!

David on Travel said...

sure ;)