Wednesday, October 21, 2009

St James Church, Sydney

St James Church is located at Hyde Park in Sydney City and it was surrounded by beautiful park around that area.

Below are some of the shot I taken at night and day when we pass by the church every time we walk towards the city center of Sydney.

St James Church at night

Inside St James Church



Unique glasses full of people name on it

Pls feel free to comment, cheers!...;)


小鎮 said...

nice nice... the last photo how u made it??

Chloe said...

Nice one.. i like the praying.. the father's love can sense it strongly from the photo~~ thumb's up!

David on Travel said...

To Kynki: Is a reflection of the glasses..haha do nothing much...juz like the glasses..;)

To Chloe: Thanks girl...will take more nice photos in the future..;)