Sunday, October 11, 2009


On 16th of August 2009, during my company summer break, me and few of my friends had been planning to travel across Australia for 2 weeks. Our 1st stop in Australia is in Sydney.

We take our 1st night flight on 16th with MAS Airline as we able to get cheaper deal compare to other airlines as they have promotion.

Below are some of the picture taken during the 1st day we in Sydney:

Reaching Sydney on Dawn

Lucky shot on Harbour Bridge from top view

Blue Sky


Seagull in Circular Quay

Circular Quay

Sydney City

Eye on Sydney

Night scene in Circular Quay

Night scene in Circular Quay

It just some warm up post for this time as has been stop blogging for almost more than a month. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and more to come ;)


peckhong said...

So nice, nvr heard that msia got summer break...

David on Travel said...

haha...only my company got..coz a lot of foreigner...

pigpig said...

waoo photos like post card !!!!
great !!

David on Travel said...

With ur new camera, u also can do it ;)

小鎮 said...

wow... i like the night scene very much!!.. look sharp... geng!!

David on Travel said...

Haha..u also can do it...use tripod ;)